European Digital Finance Association

An advocate for innovative, more affordable and secure financial services. 

Uniting over a dozen European national fintech associations, and their several thousand members, European Digital Finance Association (EDFA) is the representative of digital finance and fintech companies in Europe.

Digital finance will boost the European economy and improve the lives of consumers and businesses, therefore we work to:

  • Help create a Digital Single Market for Financial Services by removing its current fragmentation and enable European companies provide their services across the EU in a frictionless manner

  • Help make the regulatory framework innovation-friendly so that consumers can avail of modern products in safe environment, while providers and investors can rely on legal certainty 

  • Build an open data infrastructure, which facilitates the creation of new products and levels the playing field among all companies providing financial services

  • Help European companies compete on the global market both by legislative measures and by improving the investment environment. 

Financial technology will also aid the European economic recovery post covid-19 as digital solutions can enhance access to finance for consumers and businesses and ultimately improve their financial well-being..


Even before its formal establishment in February 2020, EDFA members communicated proposals and recommendations from the financial technology sector, both to European institutions and national bodies. 

We are pleased to see that many of our ideas and suggestions have been reflected in the recently published Digital Finance Strategy for Europe and the package of proposals for legislative acts.

Financial Innovation: Proposals for European action by Fintech Associations and Stakeholders, 2019

EDFA contribution to the 2020 Consultation on a new digital finance strategy

Letter to Commissioner Dombrovskis


EDFA represents thousands of digital finance companies federated in thirteen national associations: